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The best content comes with telling genuine stories.

We help you grow your brand through high-quality content and bespoke content strategy.

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We help you grow your brand by leveraging quality content.

I was happy to test your service with a content piece that needed a lot of sophistication and research. The end result surprised me positively. It was really well written, the tone of voice was great and the charts well-thought and researched. Overall, the service’s quality stands out and I would recommend it to any business owner that has things to speak about that need sophistication but doesn’t have the time or the resources to turn them into quality content.

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We are paving the way to authentic content.


GrowthTalk’s Code of Work Will Always Be Crème de la Crème.

1 - Really high standards for our work. We mean it.

2 - Helping you build your voice is helping us spread knowledge.

3 - Zero bullshit tolerance in every single way.

4 - Only long-form content (7-min reads and above). No catch here. Only science and storytelling.

5 - Human-crafted content.

6 - We aren’t perfect but we try to write flawlessly and edit maniacally.


Andreea, Co-Founder

A voracious reader and inquisitive spirit, Andreea has been on an all-you-can-learn whirlwind journey for the past 10 years, time during which she worked for companies from the travel, media, and tech space to develop their content marketing strategy.

Her experience spans journalism, content, writing, strategy and business development with a strong focus on the APAC region and particularly Singapore, where she currently resides.

Andreea has an immense passion for storytelling and how it drives change in the tech space. When she's not busy typing away, you will always see her reading a good book.

Maxime, Co-Founder

The experience in growth marketing, product management and web development development has taken Maxime on a round-the-world journey of growth, having studied and worked in France, The Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, United States, and Canada.

Maxime is a truly passionate avid learner, who enjoys engaging in conversations with people across all fields. He believes in radical honesty, transparency, and open-mindedness and is never afraid to embark on a new challenge.